Cool Rentals, the name says it all: we are the right partner if you want to hire anything in the field of refrigeration!

Cool Rentals is the first full-service refrigeration hire company in the Netherlands. In the mid-nineties, we received our first hire request, and as an all-in-one fitter of refrigeration equipment we were of course able to honour that request. Major food fairs such as Roka, Horecava and Slavakto grew in size, and with that demand for 'temporary' refrigeration units to present the products.  

Early 1997, Albert Heijn (AH) wanted to hire temporary refrigerated displays. Cool Rentals, which at that time was still trading under its registered name, Cooltrade, accepted the challenge! The request was for 400 refrigerated displays which were going to be used to sell Dutch herring in various AH supermarkets for a period of 4 weeks.

We were able to comply with that request, but not without a bit of stress and a healthy dose of tension.
We ordered truckloads of new 1.00 m-wide refrigerated displays from the plant in Portugal, production levels were raised in order for them to get to the Netherlands in time, and once they arrived at the business site in Elspeet they still had to be unpacked, fitted with Dutch plugs and technically tested, all of this in a very short period of time.  

This request was the first major hire request, and after all those years, Cool Rentals' motto still is the same: You ask, we deliver!

National & International

Cool Rentals is now the Benelux market leader. Cool Rentals is a household name, both in the retail and trade fair worlds. Our product range comprises approximately 1,700 items in all sorts of models and dimensions. Most of the Dutch economy runs on its exports, and a lot of the products sold are food products such as potatoes, milk, cheese and meat.

We find new buyers across the border, which means we exhibit at international trade fairs in order to secure local buyers. A number of prominent manufacturers, such as Aviko, Cela Vita, Friesland Campina and Van Drie Group attend trade fairs around the world to present their products. And in order to be able to do that well, they need to place them in refrigeration and freezer units. A product will look its best only when it has reached the right temperature. This helps the salesmen at the stand to secure new buyers.

International food fairs can be found all over the world, and Cool Rentals delivers its products throughout Europe, full-service. We deliver to Tavola in Kortrijk, Belgium, SIAL in Paris, France, Anuga in Cologne, Germany, Horecava in Amsterdam, Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Germany, Tuttofood in Milan, but also to Gulfood in Dubai!


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