Increase your turnover!

Ultimately, it is all about margin, the figure that remains below the line. One person may be focusing on percentages and the other on absolute numbers, yet this is how we all steer the business. This certainly applies in the field of fresh produce with its characteristic limited percentage of leading brands and "healthy" margins.
And therefore by no means insignificant in a segment that produced the highest yield in the past year. Fresh remains a hot item, as it is a tool that sets the supermarket entrepreneurs apart and preserves the margins. Yet there is so much room for improvement, without having to spend a lot of time or effort!

Fresh Impulse does exactly with it say on the tin; a refrigerator table designed to stimulate the buying impulse in the fresh segment. Your customer decides to make an impulse buy within 3 seconds. It is this brief period of time in which the product must convince the customer. The Fresh Impulse refrigerator table is a tool that helps you achieve just that. It is an innovative concept developed for a single purpose: promoting impulse buying so that you can increase your turnover, without any additional time or effort spent at your expense.

Not only does this increase your turnover, it also boosts your turnaround speed and generates interesting margins. The necessary investment is limited, as the refrigerating tables are available through leasing only.

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