The right lighting, good idea!

Correct lighting makes or breaks your product presentation! Our LED and strip lighting can be adjusted in accordance with your product. Cool Rentals has already replaced most of the standard strip lighting in its products with sustainable LED lighting. Apart from the fact that LED lighting is more environmentally friendly than strip lighting, it also increases turnover!

Cool Rentals gives advice about the type of lighting that will show off your products best. 
Will it be pink lighting for the best possible presentation of your meat and fish, or the pale yellow lighting that will make the most of products such as cheese and potatoes? Standard white is also an option. This colour is particularly popular for fruit and vegetables, dairy products, salads, tapas, meals, snacks, cakes, etc.

By using clearly recognisable product icons for each product you, the customer, can quickly see if the desired refrigeration or freezer unit is suitable for your product presentation. During the ordering process you can indicate which colour lighting you prefer.

If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us! We will happily advice and assist you about the possibilities!

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