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Cool Rentals has a service team available at all national and international trade fairs.
Not only is this team responsible for remedying or preventing breakdowns, it is also on site during delivery, installation of the product at the stand and connection to the electricity network. At a lot of trade fairs, it is necessary to order a special 24-hour power supply. As soon as the lights in the halls are switched off in the evening, all the power in the hall is switched off as well, resulting in defrosted freezers next morning and a sudden dash to replace products before the visitors arrive. In order to avoid such stressful situations, our service team ensures that your fridge or freezer is indeed connected to the 24-hour power supply. First they cut the power by means of the main switch and then they check if the hired equipment is still working. If it is not, don't worry, the service team will not leave before the power supply is in order (you must of course have ordered the 24-hour power supply from the organisation!).

Often, the service team starts on the morning of the day before the trade fair opens and it is one of the last to leave.
On the day of the trade fair, refrigeration and freezer equipment is checked as early as possible. Often, our service team has checked the equipment for its temperature, has switched on the lights and removed and stored the night blinds and/or night covers before the stand holders arrive.

During the trade fair day, you can expect several visits from one of the team members. They will check the temperature a number of times per day and they give advice about how to stock the hired refrigeration/freezer unit, enabling you to present your products to new and existing clients without having to worry about anything else.

In the unlikely event that there is a technical problem, you can call the emergency number on the breakdown form in your pantry (stuck to the inside of the door). If your call is not answered, please leave a message, stating your company's name, hall and stand number, and an engineer will see you as soon as possible in order to remedy the problem.

In a lot of trade fair venues, reception for mobile telephones is mediocre to poor. The large numbers of telephones and aluminium materials used disrupt the range, and it may be possible that our service team can only receive text messages. This is why they carry out checks several times a day.

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